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All natural wood floors are truly a beautiful addition to any home!

With their inherent warmth and rich appearance, wood floors give a home a luxurious feeling that denotes quality. We represent the finest wood flooring manufacturers in the world such as, Mohawk, BR111, Mirage, Kahrs, Armstrong and Mannington. Learn More View Manufacturers

“Green” Wood Products

We also feature “green” wood products such as cork, and bamboo, that are not only replenished quickly but have elements of recycled products in their sub layers

Shopping For Wood Floors

Remember when shopping for wood floors, solid wood and engineered woods are available. Engineered woods have a solid wear or top layer, with layers of birch or maple in the sub layers. Typically engineered woods are better suited for concrete foundations and are less susceptible to water and foundation shifting. Engineered floors can be re-finished.

Solid hard woods are better suited for pier and beam foundations and are usually nailed down. The benefits of solid wood are durability and the ability to sand and finish multiple times increasing the life of the floor. Solid wood floors do tend to bow and constrict with foundation movement or any contact with water.

Characteristics of Wood Floors

Each species of wood has a different rate of hardness. Bamboo and American cherry are soft while Mahogany and Brazilian Cherries are the hardest. We will be glad to show you the hardness scale by species.

Wood is a natural product and features many grain and color variations. Wood will scratch, fade and dent. If you have kids and large pets, wood may not be the best option for you.

Remember when having wood installed, baseboards, floor trim, such as quarter round, or shoe mold, and room-to-room transitional areas must be considered. Please ask one of our professionals for assistance in this matter. To install wood properly foundations must be smooth and flat, some prep may be necessary to ensure a quality install.